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In what type of environment will the mat be installed?
A relatively dry environment
such as a pharmacy counter, assembly line, cashier station, shipping / receiving etc.
A wet environment
where the risk of falling is high, such as a cafeteria, bar, shower, refrigerator, restaurant (dishwashing area) etc.
An oily or greasy environment
such as a kitchen, machine shop, garage, steel mills, cooking area etc.
What statement responds best to your situation?
exceptional durability
I am looking for an anti-fatigue mat that offers exceptional durability.
best possible comfort
I am looking for an anti-fatigue mat for light to moderate use that offers the best possible comfort.
best value for your money
I need an anti-fatigue mat that offers the best value for your money, even if it slightly sacrifices on comfort.
economical price
I want to obtain an anti-fatigue mat at an economical price.
I am looking for a specialized ergonomic product or accessory that does not meet the above situations.
Tip: The work environment plays a major role in selecting the proper ergonomic mat. Not taking this into account could greatly affect the comfort, safety and life of the mat.

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