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How to choose the right entrance mat?


Oxford Elite vs Typical Molded Rubber Mat

Marathon vs Typical Molded Rubber Mat

Dust-Star vs Typical Rental Mat

Astro-Turf vs Typical Scraper Mat


Mat Tech - Patrice Dumas CSSA Member of the Year 2013
April 30th., 2013

The Acquisition of Mat Tech
Jan 9th., 2013

Mat Tech - Winner Franco Prize (RJCCQ)
April 14th, 2012

Mat Tech - winner at the Honoris Innova gala 2011 (FEPAC)
Oct 28th 2011

Mat Tech - Winner at the Distinction Awards Gala 2011
Feb 19th 2011

Slippery Slope
Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine, vol.49, Issue 5, Oct/Nov 2011

Disposal Concerns for Matting

Entrance Matting: An Indispensable Ally
as seen in the magazine ''Sanitation Canada'', Sept/Oct 2010

Cold Winter Cleaning
as seen in the magazine ''Canadian Property Management'', Oct 2009

Keeping Up Appearances
as seen in the magazine ''Clean The Prairies'', Dec/Jan 2009

C.C.O.H.S.: Answer on Anti-fatigue Mats
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety Article, Sept 26th 2009 

Chemical resistance table

Chart Ed30

Warranty, maintenance and glossary

Technical Glossary

Warranty Policies standard limited 1 year
Limited 1 year 

Warranty Policies Total Confidence
Total Confidence Warranty

Use & Care Instructions
Entrance matting / HDNP / Ergonomic

Entrance matting detailed use and care