You are looking for an entrance mat…

What kind of traffic will
the mat endure?
Heavy traffic
that is to say, more than 5000 coming and going per day (ex: university, airport, hospital, department store, school, etc.)
Moderate to heavy traffic
up to 5000 coming and going per day (ex: corner store, restaurant, hotel, movie theatre, museum, exhibition center, etc.)
Moderate traffic
between 250 to 3000 coming and going per day
(ex : office building, store, post office, concessionaire, Church, motel, etc.)
Light traffic
that is to say less than 250 coming and going per day
(ex : small business, secondary entrance, boutique, etc.)
What statement best suits
your situation?
Scraper mat (outside)
I am looking for a Scraper mat to put outside and which will retain the majority of debris and dirt. It will act as the first line of defense.
wiper/scraper MAT (interior)
I am looking for a wiper/scraper to put between two doors or inside in order to absorb the moderate dirt and moisture. This mat will act as a second line of defense.
wiper MAT (interior)
I need an entrance mat that retains a maximum amount of water thus reducing the risks of falls. It will act as the last line of defense.
OTHER situations
I need a specialized entrance product or an accessory that does not meet the above situations.
specify the level of performance required
trio system
I wish some advice on a trio system of entrance mats in order to obtain the best results.
duo system
Due to a lack of space, I wish to be advised on a duo system of entrance mats that will offer excellent results for my type of environment.
No thank you, I only require one type of mat.
Tip: By selecting a carpet that can withstand higher traffic than your environment, you increase the overall performance of your protection system. You reduce the cleaning frequency and you increase the life of the carpet, which contributes greatly to the return on your investment. Mat Tech recommends this option.

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