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Find the commercial mat that meets your needs...

Entrance matting : an intelligent solution!

The commercial mat: whether it be an outdoor mat, an indoor mat, a scraper or wiper, it is designed to offer an abundance of benefits.

The entrance mat:

Reduces maintenance
Protects your floors
Improves the air quality

Enhances the appearance of your work place
Diminishes the risks of falls and accidents

As a manufacturer of mats, Mat Tech offers a vast selection of custom mats that meet the highest quality standards.

[+] Did you know that 42% of people judge the appearance of a building by the cleanliness of the floors? Consult the statistics on entrance matting usage…
[+] Did you know that 15 linear ft of combined entrance matting is recommended by the industry in order to obtain the best performance? Learn more on the various types of commercial mats…