Mat Tech, CEO, Bob MoranIn 1987, Mr. Robert J. Moran who was already owner of the well established Crown Mats & Matting Company acquired Mat Tech located in Granby, Quebec.

At that time, we were producing vinyl back entrance matting and artificial grass carpets and selling primarily to Quebec and Ontario through Floor Covering distribution.

In the spring of 1994, the Company, being in full expansion, purchased the entrance matting division of a Mississauga, Ontario enterprise. This gave us the ability to double our sales rapidly and to access new customers both nationally and through export. We thus became the only manufacturer of vinyl back mats and grass carpets in Canada. It also availed us with better equipment: vinyl finishing line and slow shear mixers as well as obtaining required equipment such as twisting and winding machinery.

In that same year of 1994, we moved all our operations to our existing location at 137 Martin Street in Granby Qc. Space was already becoming a problem and the consolidation of all the operation and inventory under one roof was a good business decision. We reduced costs and improved our service. It placed Mat Tech in a position where our future growth from a single location was no longer an issue.

To this date, we occupy 105,000 sq.ft., and employ approximately 100 employees.

Mat Tech, canadian entrance mats, twister

Thread twisted by a twister/spindle according
to the desired weight and color

Mat Tech, canadian floor mats, Spindles

Thousands of spindles ready to be woven

Other than grass carpets and entrance mats, which we manufactured from our origins, we gradually added ergonomic and anti-fatigue mats in 1993, HDNP (Heavy-Duty Needle-Punch) commercial matting in 1999 and logo mats were added to Mat Tech’s line from the year 2000.

Our expertise of custom cuts to clients’ specs and the "just in time" delivery on our orders are two characteristics that are greatly in demand and appreciated by our clientele.

We are also consistently in step with the requirements of the market for the development of new and innovative products.

Mat Tech has grown into "the" Canadian specialist of entrance, anti-fatigue and logo mats and our expansion is due to the quality of our vast selection of matting, to our excellent customer service, as well as to the conscientious work of all our employees.

Much of our success can be attributed to an ongoing vigorous and strategic marketing expansion program, accompanied by active research and development policies and a cross country network of highly-trained sales representatives.

The Company sells its products mainly within North America and also exports world wide through the intermediary of our sister Company "Crown Mats & Matting"

Mat Tech, canadian entrance mats, Tufters

Thousands of needles working on the primary backing

Mat Tech, entrance mats, custom mats

Greige stock ready to be custom cut

We enhanced Mat Tech’s efficiency by consolidating our operations with Crown in 2005. For more than 60 years, Crown has been a pioneer, beginning with the invention of walk-off matting.

Similar to Mat Tech, Crown has the most diverse matting product line offered in the American industry.

In January 2013. both companies have been acquired by Desco Capital and members of Mat Tech/Crown management. Desco Capital, founded in 1966, is a privately owned company located in Columbus, Ohio. It owns and successfully operates several manufacturing companies located in North America, Europe and Asia that conduct operations in varying business sectors. They intend to provide long-term growth by creating added value for the customers.

Mat Tech’s hope for the future is to continue finding effective, safe and aesthetic matting solutions for the Canadian market's maintenance and ergonomic problems. Our passion for quality and innovation is our guide to continue offering high-performance solutions that set new standards
in the market.

We will continue making a difference...
and we are proud to be "the" Canadian Manufacturer!


Mat Tech, entrance mats, floor mats

Carpet surface at the entrance of the oven where the backing will be applied

Mat Tech, entrance matting, wiper mats

End of cooking and cooling period

Mat Tech, commercial matting, entrance mats

Roll slicer

Mat Tech, entrance mats & matting

Finished products awaiting inspection